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  • Alisa Lincoln

Surprise Opportunity

Sometimes beauty comes in opportunities you had no idea was coming your way - all you need to do is say yes! This happened to me a few months ago when I was asked to give an illustration for a book called Free to Give. I ended up not only doing an illustration but adding a poem as well. The book is full of amazing authors!! It was such an honor to be a part of this collaboration. You can find the book on Amazon. Here's the link:



A powerful word

A generous force

A creative masterpiece

A beautiful gift

It comes in many 

Shapes and sizes

Warm-hearted smiles

Joyous laughter

Thoughtful gifts

Gentle hugs

listening ears

Encouraging words

Gracious forgiveness

Thankful hearts

Numerous ways

Too many to count

We are free to give

It’s who we are

It’s who we’ve always been

Our true nature

We are remembering

As He is, So are we


Cool to see my illustration and poem in print!!


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