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  • Alisa Lincoln

Beauty Will Save The World

Photo Credit: Cody Lincoln, Trinidad, CA


Fyodor Dostoevsky is credited with the quote, “Beauty will save the world.”

I agree!

Beauty brings connection…to God, each other, creation, and even ourselves.

It beckons us to more. It’s a way of seeing God’s love that moves beyond doctrine, religion, and man-made ideas. 

It is an experience of glory. 

It refreshes us and tells us the truth, the truth that there is more, there is good. It opens our hearts to wonders and mystery and connects us with the source of life itself. 

It refreshes and restores the broken places in us. It mends. It comforts. It heals. It revives. 

It brings to life the deepest part of who we are, and speaks to the hidden places we don’t yet understand and says we belong. It reveals our true nature, our true identity, the eternal nature to which we belong and says welcome home.


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