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  • Alisa Lincoln

Beauty is Essential

God whispered deep into my heart several years ago. He said, “Alisa, beauty is essential. It’s just as essential as the air you breathe.”


This encounter changed my life. Beauty had been important to me for some time before this. I had been pursuing it, trying to understand it. Actually, to be more accurate, God had been pursuing me with it. He was relentless about it, but more about that another time.

What is beauty? I don’t know if it can ever fully be defined. It’s too big. I do know some things about it. It's about connections...with God, each other and creation. It's about wonder, awe and delight. It's about play and creativity. It's about adventure and being fully alive. It's about love.

We are made for beauty.

Beauty surrounds us, it beckons us to more. It reminds us we live in a bigger story than we thought, or that we sometimes forget, or that we didn’t even know. It reminds us of who we are, who we've always been from before the foundation of the world.


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